We Save West Papua, Not the Activism, Diplomat, Churches, Academics, Politicians, Churches

The West Papuan leaders (academics, politicians, churches, Business, diplomats, activists, tribal elders on both sides of the spectrum (NKRI and Merdeka) must put aside their differences….whatever it is….and work together constructively within their respective spectrum to save our dying culture. We are in greater need now than ever before to unite, heal, reconcile the West Papuans for Merdeka.
Throughout history, the colonial imperial masters deploy two strategies to destroy their colony: 1. Declare an outright war to annihilate their foe, this is done directly by them. 2. Use an internal traditional enemy of the colony so that the colony can annihilate itself, this is done by the victim themselves.
Let’s not delusion ourselves in thinking that the UN, MSG, European Union, Jakarta, London, Washington DC, Canberra, Moscow, Beijing or some kind of a cosmic Messiah will save West Papua. Remember…..how one of the most ancient holiest cities- Jerusalem was laid waste in 70 AD by the future Roman Emperor – Commander Titus just after the long-awaited Messiah was humiliatingly crucified. Do not waste your time reading the Bible, praying to God, attending church services if our hearts and minds are divided and filled with envy, hatred, jealousy and all other forms of human drama. Let’s wake up now and do it together…we are all in this. ONE PEOPLE – ONE SOUL.
By Milinexus Kogoya

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